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    About MolexMolex makes a connected world possible by enabling technology that transforms the future and improves lives.  By continually adapting to help customers advance designs in the areas of greatest impact, we join those who share our mission to create breakthroughs that propel the world forward. With a presence in more than 40&...
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    SCG focuses on the development of high - order micro - pitch connectors. We are committed to becoming a world famous electronic connector brand with excellent supply technology and quality. SCG's product line includes FPC connectors, BTB board-to-board connectors, Micro SD card connectors, and general I/O connectors in a wide variety of formats, with a full range of product specifications and types.SCG products are applied in many fields: digital camera, communication, vehicle, home appliances, smart wear, multi-functional integration.SCG takes the lead in the pursuit of excellence to laun...
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    EVERLIGHT Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983 in Taipei, Taiwan led by Chairman Robert Yeh. EVERLIGHT has over 33 years of R&D experience for reliable capability. With immediate service and an excellent brand reputation, EVERLIGHT has taken top five worldwide in the competitive LED market. Our products are manufactured and packed in-house to guarantee maximum quality and service. EVERLIGHT provides a diverse product portfolio consisting of High Power LEDs, SMD LEDs, Lamps, Lighting Components, LED Lighting Modules, Digital Displays, Opto-couplers and Infrared Components for various a...
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    HTK Bento communications industry was founded in 1932 to process and produce precision screws,Through the development of telephone switch plug and socket, we have developed into a professional connector manufacturer.The basic policy of the company is 'segments No.1'.'If only HTK in this field' in order to get such evaluation, we are working hard to create distinctive products.In 2015, we also advocated 'value by connecting' as the corporate philosophy,Facing 2020, it can get the trust and trust of all stakeholdersIt is moving towards the medium-term business plan 'g...
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    Sunstar Group Chemical Division adheres to the concept of environmental friendly, safe use, advanced technology and high quality product design, and is committed to research and development and sales of the following agents and sealants applied in the automotive, motorcycle, electronics, construction and other industrial fields, and provides the solution for customers.Sunstar has established a perfect service network in many regions around the world (North America, Europe, Asia, etc.) to provide product technology and services to customers in the global industrial field.Sunstar Group invested ...
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    Huitian New Material Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise group specializing in the research and development and production of adhesives and new materials, with the stock code of 300041. It has set up industrial bases and research and development centers in Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Hubei respectively, and holds the authoritative academic core journal 'Bonding' in the industry. Company has passed ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification, ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, product through the SGS, TUV, JET, CQC, GL, JG, UL, DI...
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    BOARD TO BOARD, in particular, is recognized for its high reliability with various positions and height grade from 0.50MM PITCH to 2.54MM PITCH. Just with BOARD TO BOARD CONNECTOR especially, POCONS owns two patents for new device and makes application for three patents. POCONS is going to share such a technological trust with the customers.To make a second leap in 2006, POCONS moved to Suwon industrial complex in September and prepared a new base of a growth engine to innovate technologies regarding molding, stamping, total system of assembly and processes for assembling handsets. This is POC...
“整体家居”包括纵向联盟和横向联盟两种模式。前者是家装公司与生产厂家联盟,在装修中定做成品材料,如装修用线、装修木作、油漆等,或者由装饰公司自己建厂,自主研发,涉足生产领域,向设计、生产、施工系统化、规模化发整体家居        整体家居展,或者由具有“整体家居”配套能力的生产厂家通过地区独家代理商直接面对业主提供的“整体家居”产品和服务。横向联盟是由装饰公司整合与家居相关的所有产业(如家具、家电、装饰材料、饰品、园艺等),形成巨大广泛的产业链。通过资源的整合,装饰公司不再只提供单一装修服务,开始进行着一种角色转换,成为一个家居产品的全面提供商,为消费者提供的是一整套的“一站式服务”。        “整体家居”要求设计师需服务家装工程的全过程。包括咨询前的详细沟通,定位包括家电、家具在内的整体家居风格,整修完毕后,还将为业主提供全面的家居布置和使用方案,以保持居室的完美风格,避免了以往装修设计风格与后期的家具、家电等风格不统一的情况。“整体家居”通过“展示厅”的方式汇集家具、装饰材料、家电、饰品等相关家居产品。由于装饰公司通过集团采购了家居产品,所以得到的价格低于市场价,消费者从中得到实惠。        由于设立独立的装修生产基地,也使得整体家具、整体厨房等相应实现,而如家具、橱柜,装修中的木作等产品得以在工厂里实现独立设计与生产,避免了以往现场制作的手工操作污染大、工期长、易出差错等弊端。
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