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Recruitment Job application
Job:Sales engineer (fresh graduates only)
Release time: 2019-03-27

Position information:

1. Handle the contact and development of customers, and maintain good communication and coordination with customers;

2. Able to cooperate with relevant departments within the company in a timely manner, successfully complete tasks assigned by superiors, and report work progress to superiors at any time, so as to achieve good communication and cooperation;

3. According to the sales contract, send the material preparation notice to relevant departments;

4. Sort out relevant materials and files;

Job requirements:

1. Strong ability to absorb/understand new knowledge and new things;

2. Fresh graduates, or about 1 year working experience in electronics industry;

3. Educational requirements: college degree or above, proficient in office software such as Power Point, Excel and Word;

4. Responsible, hardworking, team player, honest and trustworthy;

Job:Foreign trade clerk
Release time: 2019-03-27


1. College degree or above, major in international trade, English or sales is preferred;

2. Cet-6 or above, good at English listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating;

3. More than one year experience as merchandiser or assistant in foreign trade business;

4. Familiar with international trade procedures, international trade terms and terms;

5. Experience in electronic industry is preferred;

6. Outgoing, good at communication, careful and earnest in work, strong ability to work under pressure;

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