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Product Name: SCG
Listing date: 2019-02-23



SCG focuses on the development of high - order micro - pitch connectors. We are committed to becoming a world famous electronic connector brand with excellent supply technology and quality. SCG's product line includes FPC connectors, BTB board-to-board connectors, Micro SD card connectors, and general I/O connectors in a wide variety of formats, with a full range of product specifications and types.

SCG products are applied in many fields: digital camera, communication, vehicle, home appliances, smart wear, multi-functional integration.

SCG takes the lead in the pursuit of excellence to launch the FPC connector, which can be applied to the world's smallest (0.2mm) spacing FPC, and surpass the extreme peak. The FPC connector is designed with zero insertion force, ultra-low 0.6mm height, ultra-thin volume and the highest reliability. It is the best choice for the light, thin, short and small handheld 3C products.

Connector series with spacing of 0.3mm, which is convenient to assemble with low insertion force design and ultra-low height of 0.6mm, is currently the smallest spacing electronic connector most widely used in handheld electronic products.

FPC connector series with spacing of 0.5mm, complete product alignment (non-zif /ZIF drawer type, front lift type and back pressure type), diversified product specifications and connection quantity, and product quality after long-time hardening, are FPC connectors for 3C electronic products that have disappeared the most in the world.PCB to PCB or PCB to FPC soft circuit boards. It is the best choice of board to board connector for mobile phone, notebook computer, digital camera and other small electronic products.

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