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SL Modular Connectors

Product Name: SL Modular Connectors
Listing date: 2019-03-26

With its large number of options and configurations, SL Modular Connectors and Assemblies deliver ideal wire-to-wire solutions and its varying PCB termination methods, including reflow process capable versions, support a range of wire-to-board applications

Class: signal

Number of loops: 2 to 25

Current: 3.0 A

Spacing: 2.54 mm

Application industry:

Automobile: air bag sensor; Internal lighting; Sound system; Steering;

Consumer goods: computer peripherals; The copy machine; HVAC; Modem; The printer; The scanner;

Data/communications: disk drives;

Industry: robotics;

Medical: analytical laboratory equipment; Front panel display of dental equipment; Measuring equipment; Patient monitor; Surgical system;

Network: 1U chassis; Host display.

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