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Impel and Impel Plus Backplane Solutions

Product Name: Impel and Impel Plus Backplane Solutions
Listing date: 2019-03-26

Impel and Impel Plus Backplane Connectors and Cable Assemblies deliver industry-leading signal integrity, density and data rates up to 56 Gbps while enabling backward and forward compatibility.

The Impel Backplane Interconnect Systemprovides the footprint and interface that enables customers to migrate to data rates up to 40 Gbps, without completely re-designing their architecture or replacing hardware already placed in the data-center, while meeting the mechanical density requirements being driven by the industry.

Prototyping cable assemblies requires tooling. Therefore, costs generated to prototype a system can be significant. Impel and Impel Plus Backplane Cable Assemblies solve tooling start-up costs by providing a completed assembly.

Impel Plus Backplane Connector Systemachieves data rates up to 56 Gbps while delivering optimal signal integrity with grounding tail aligner that minimizes impedance discontinuities and reduces crosstalk. Additionally, an innovative signal interface improves insertion loss over in-line beams, pushing frequencies past 30 GHz.

Once prototyping is complete, customers typically need to create drawings and assign resources to find a supplier to build cable assemblies for end products. Molex builds cable assemblies to provide one-source solutions. This eliminates customers’ design requirements and the need to find another vendor to build assemblies.


Impel and Impel Plus Backplane Connector System
      Compact, compliant-pin backplane connector(Impel: 25 to 40 Gbps;Impel Plus: 56 Gbps):Enables backward and forward compatibility with various high-end architectures.

92 Ohms nominal Impendence:Minimizes impedance discontinuities.

Multiple pitch options available:Offers printed-circuit-board designers the flexibility to quad route the signal traces (two pairs per layer) reducing the PCB layer count.

Grounding tail aligner for lead frames and wafer shields closer to daughtercard launch to improve ground return path:Minimizes impedance discontinuities. Reduces crosstalk. 

Custom cable assemblies
Impel and Impel Plus Connector System full channel solution:Provides design flexibility per application specifications.

Fully automated production line and testing:Ensures repeatable high-speed cable production;Safeguards consistent quality and signal integrity performance across broad frequency bands.

Molex patent-pending Impel Connector technology with tightly coupled differential-pair structure:Provides optimal signal integrity and mechanical isolation through the connector system. 


      Staggered header-pin interface:Provides robust mechanical isolation from the signal pins;Mitigates the concern for bent pins in the field;Provides first-mate-last-break capabilities. 

Impel Plus
      Innovative signal beam interface:Improves insertion loss compared to in-line signal beams;Pushes interface resonance frequency past 30 GHz.

Small compliant pin (0.31mm ± -0.05):Reduces crosstalk by enabling optimized routing or use of pinning.

Cable assemblies with Temp-Flex Twinax Cables (28 or 30 AWG):Achieves data rates required by telecommunications and data center industries.

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