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Case Site Enforcement Recorder
Case Site Enforcement Recorder
Explain: Program introduction:ARMCortex ^ TM - A71.2 GHz high-performance processor;Support h. 264/ m-jepg high-performance coding, up to 1080P @60fps, 4K @15ps;Internal integration of high-performance Hawkview ^ TM ISP, ensure good image quality, support the starlight night vision;Support double code stream, double file storage, synchronous recording;Support a variety of brand model CMOS sensor, flexible configuration products;Support wi-fi transmission, support APMode and StationMode;Support LCD of various sizes and specifications;Rich peripheral interface, strong scalability, and can effectively control the cost;Wide temperature design, - 10 ~ 55 ℃ under the C can work normally;Basic functional parameters:Encryption technology:With Firmware we can realize data encryption, anti - read, anti - wri...
Explain: Power consumption advantageIntegrated PMU scheme, more stable than discrete power topology, more space saving, lower cost;Ultra-low power consumption, 1080P@3OFPS video, power consumption 290mA@4V, smaller battery capacity demand, smaller product size, weight design, improve the wearing experience;Image coding advantageSupport double 1080P code stream, double file storage, synchronous recording; Support low illumination, starlight night vision, flexible customization program;Cost advantageCompared with the competitive (security) scheme, there is at least 30RMB cost optimization space;Other advantagesCan support 4G expansion, intercom expansion, GPS and other functional expansion, accept customization, flexible cooperation; Mass production endorsement for key customers;
Explain: According to the current development needs of anti-terrorism and industry law enforcement, the future will focus on the following scenarios and schemes:Program upgrade planning:Processor kernelQuad-core cortexa7@1 5GHz, integrated floating point coprocessor, support NEON acceleration;Video coding and processing capabilityH.264 BP/MP/HP, h. 265 Main Profile, maximum support, maximum 4K@30fps;CBR/VBR bit rate control, 2kbps ~ 100Mbps, support 8 codes;ISP and graphics performanceDual isps, integrated 2D/3D noise reduction engine, support 8 regions pre-coding OSD overlay;Support lens distortion correction, support dual image real-time Mosaic;Intelligent video analysisIntegrated intelligent analysis acceleration engine, support intelligent motion detection, perimeter protection, video diagnosis...
Explain: 360 panoramic cameraThe highest support 4K ultra hd video, 6K professional level photographyProfessional shooting and post processing
Explain: 360 panoramic camera application sceneVR houseVR weddingThe police law enforcementStreet viewIndustrial photography
Case name: Plan Advantage
Explain: 1. In-camera splicing: the image splicing is completed within the camera, so there is no need to calculate the splicing in the phone, which has relatively low requirements for the phone's performance;2. Image quality: professional image performance debugging to ensure the overall image brightness, white balance, saturation, contrast and other performance and noise effect under low illumination;3. Image stitching advantages: stitching algorithm with independent intellectual property rights and mature mass production tools:4. Image and optical correction: mature image and optical correction algorithms and mass production tools ensure perfect image quality;
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