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Date: 2019-03-27
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Innovating Medical Devices from Idea to Delivery

Molex offers medical device OEMs a trusted source from which they can build competitive advantages in electronic systems and devices that enable life-saving therapies. We create value while mitigating risk through expert design and manufacturing, reliable end-to-end solutions and a deeply consultative approach that delivers what end users need.

The cost of inpatient medical care continues to rise. At the same time, more healthcare consumers want treatment options that let them avoid a hospital stay. Enter telehealth — remote monitoring and communications solutions that connect clinicians and patients, almost anywhere. Telehealth solutions promise increased patient convenience, better quality of life and even greater access to care in remote parts of the world. But to be effective, these devices must be small, lightweight and extremely portable. Molex supports these needs with many solutions, including microminiature and ruggedized interconnects, sealed cables, and advanced switch systems.

Remote imaging solutions are in greater demand than ever before. Clinicians need to receive diagnostic images from ambulances en route. Specialists are increasingly offsite, with the need for access to immediate data. But transmitting this type of complex data requires the most advanced, precise systems available. That’s exactly what Molex delivers — integrated solutions that enable clear communication, from the point of data capture to receipt.

As the popularity of minimally invasive surgery and implantable medical devices continues to grow, so does the need for technology that combines power, portability, miniaturization and digital bandwidth. In particular, devices such as pacemakers and infusion pumps that become part of a patient’s everyday life need to be easy to operate, simple to maintain and extremely reliable. Molex can support the demands for critical, life-saving technology with an incredible breadth of solutions, including some of the smallest interconnects available.

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