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Case Program Introduction

Program Introduction of Law Enforcement Recorder

Date: 2019-03-04
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Program introduction:

ARMCortex ^ TM - A71.2 GHz high-performance processor;

Support h. 264/ m-jepg high-performance coding, up to 1080P @60fps, 4K @15ps;

Internal integration of high-performance Hawkview ^ TM ISP, ensure good image quality, support the starlight night vision;

Support double code stream, double file storage, synchronous recording;

Support a variety of brand model CMOS sensor, flexible configuration products;

Support wi-fi transmission, support APMode and StationMode;

Support LCD of various sizes and specifications;

Rich peripheral interface, strong scalability, and can effectively control the cost;

Wide temperature design, - 10 ~ 55 ℃ under the C can work normally;

Basic functional parameters:


Encryption technology:

With Firmware we can realize data encryption, anti - read, anti - write, anti - delete functions.

1) make normal communication with the memory card on the law enforcement device without affecting any original functions;

2) the memory card cannot be read on any other device. Even if the memory card is removed, the security system of the law enforcement instrument cannot be bypassed to directly obtain the data of the memory card.


360/720 panoramic:

No blind area for law enforcement, used for helmet, police dog, police car roof, iron horse and other scenes;

On-site law enforcement, expanding panoramic law enforcement accessories for 4G police communication and law enforcement terminal, and real-time pushing background of panoramic image code circulation through 4G network;


Law enforcement recorder acquisition station, upper computer management software


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